Now That You Have Gone

Now That You Have Gone

George Michael, a gorgeous diva you cannot help but love. Now that he’s gone, it feels so gloomy. He was such a beautiful soul and with every beautiful soul lost, the world gets scarier. May we have more people with such a uplifting spirit, keeping us going when we feel like the world is harsh. Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Prince, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, and so many more, they have paved such a great path for those that find their peace in music. We, peace and love advocates, hope that it lives on. It needs to. The only thing that keeps the world from dissolving into the pit of hell is music and love. Both together, bring peace. I pray it remains. I pray the spirit that George Michael lived with, remains even after his body has made its way back to The Lord. And I hope that he gets nothing but the best, even in his after life.

People who give are really precious. They selflessly give, and they give more than we deserve. They take God’s message seriously, and give. Until there’s nothing left of them. That is so precious that no amount of gratitude is enough to make up for it. How much strength and love do they possess in that heart that they are always spreading smiles and happiness? How do they touch so many people with one verse or piece of music? It’s brilliant. An artist, one who creates, brings to life that which is not easily possible. He was an artist. He wrote art and combined it with the art of music, together to create masterpieces.

It is crazy. I was awake when the news first spread. I was sitting and writing another chapter to my eBook, and I was listening to Careless Whisper, it was a beautiful moment. Until my phones buzzed with CNN headlines, and I couldn’t continue anymore. I decided to take a break and sleep, listening to his voice, keeping him alive for as long as I have the strength too.

May he rest in peace

I loved you, and will always do.

Published by Zainab Kousar

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