Overcoming Undone

A nightmare leads to another
When the morning comes, I’m all alone.
For the first time, I needed my mother 
But she was nowhere close.
No, I do not hate her
But I have not forgiven her, yet
Please help me forget
The misery causing regrets
How can I blame myself?
Had I seen what was to come?
Nothing assures me to believe that what should have been, is done
My soul leaves my body
I lie there, numb
It travels to the past,
Overcoming undone
Future is not half as scary,
I’ve had my share of horror
What could be worse?
What could defeat?
The terror of my life
That I hide beneath
“I relate”, they say
Oh, you do? I’d like to ask
You could try on my shoes,
but the size is too large

Published by Zainab Kousar

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