So What's Next, Donald Trump?

Anywhere in the world, if someone dehumanises women, even if it supposedly has nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with me. In any corner of the world, if a person in power proudly disrespects women, mocks them and / or refers to them as things, he may be the president of United States, he deserves no respect. He does not deserve to be treated, looked at or even mentioned with any form of respect or affection.

No human in their right mind pokes fun at another person with a disability. How is that acceptable? You think if God wanted he couldn’t break one of your limbs right then and there while you are sitting in your chair, making fun of somebody who God has created. Way lovelier than you, I must add.

In today’s world, in TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN, if somebody this racist and sexist is celebrated, then we for sure haven’t succeeded in anything we’ve been fighting for all these years. We haven’t moved forward, we have remained in the same place for decades and decades doing nothing but screaming on top of our lungs about how much we have accomplished when we have gotten nothing out of anything.

Tonnes have died before, trying to make a change. They suffered and went through so much pain. What did that give them? We thought that now we could be proud of our human race, but no, not yet.

“WHY?”, is the only thing on my mind right now.

I do not care for politics, I do not care who runs for president where, but what I do care for is humanity. It’s draining and slipping out of hands. With every passing day, we are advancing into the worst possible future and that is dangerous. It is dangerous as a part of our history, it is dangerous for the coming generations and it is dangerous for children who will learn and grow up in an environment full of hate and discrimination. People who are crying are not being dramatic, they understand the consequences of this mistake. This is not going to just affect one nation, it will affect everyone. It will affect the world because there is a man in power, somewhere in the world, who is telling us to hate and make divisions. The divisions we’ve been trying to blur for years. This is giving all those people the freedom to do wrong and unjust acts.

So, what is next?

The rise of Islamophobia? 

The rise of homophobia? 

The rise of misogyny? 

The rise of racism? 

The rise of sexual assault? 


We will not let one man, one group of idiots, one election, one day, one mistake, dedicate the results of a century of hard work.

That is what is next and that is what we will begin with.

The fight never ends, it gets harder. In every game. Life is but one.

Published by Zainab Kousar

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