We meet people every day, and every day we learn something new. We learn that people have different opinions on different things, we learn that people have a different way of delivering those opinions and we learn to accept those differences, with time. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinions and point of view, they fail to understand that others are too. We need to accept that not everyone will be like us or have the same idea about a certain something. If my understanding of a situation is different from yours, it's because we are different people. 

Let us talk about deliverance. Some people choose to keep their opinions to themselves because they understand that not everybody is asking for it, but people throw around unwanted opinions and interfering in things they know nothing about, and this is not very appropriate. It is welcome by some and frowned upon by some, again, because not everyone is the same. We are all unique beings with difference personalities and different nature. What we, as individuals, need to understand is that we have the freedom to have opinions but not the right to force it upon anyone. 

I may have an issue with something my friend believes in, but in no way does that allow me to tell her that it is wrong because I don't make rules of the world. What I have expressed is merely my opinion and if someone disagrees, it's okay. Who decides what is wrong and what is right? Nobody. No one decides for anyone. It is a choice of an individual, their conscience, their understanding of things and the way they were brought up. Hence, people from different cultures have a different opinion on what is appropriate and what is not. All it takes is being a little more open-minded and empathetic. 

Now here's the reason I am writing this post: 

Recently, I have come across a lot of different people from different backgrounds and realised one thing: Not everything I do is welcomed by everyone. I always knew that one person can never please everyone and that people always have something negative to say about anything you do. What I didn't know was that the most trivial of things in life matter so much to certain people that they find it t necessary to comment on it or express their displeasure about the matter. Another things I learnt was that not everything needs to be spoken. Certain looks, gestures, movements and expressions speak volumes. You must have heard the saying "Do not speak unless you can improve the silence", I strongly believe in this and follow it on a daily basis. 

Published by Zainab Kousar

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