Tomorrow Is 2017

Tomorrow Is 2017

This picture really got me. 

It reminded me of the fact that tomorrow is a new beginning. A new opportunity of 365 days to walk towards my goals and work on my dreams. Another chance of life, given to me, along with all those who survived. It’s another chance to make a better you and live the life that you want. Along with the reminders, it gave me strength. Strength to confidently be myself because life is short. It is too short to care about what others say or think about you and there is no time to waste. Waste time on you, not on others. Spend time improving your life and yourself because in the end, those that ruined you, will not matter. Because when you are on that staircase of success and happiness, you will forget all of them and only remember those that helped you get there. So choose your companions wisely, and trust a few. Not everyone is always truly happy for you.

Here’s to a new beginning

Here’s to a new year

Happy new year, 2017!

May it only bring joy and love to all of us.


Published by Zainab Kousar

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