Movie Review: Me Before You

Movie Review: Me Before You

SPOILERS! Don't read it if you haven't read the book or watched the movie yet.

When I watched the trailer of the movie, I got really excited to see it. Mainly because of the similarities I could find between the book and movie, and what could make a bookworm happier than a movie exactly like the book? But I am not going to discuss the book at the moment. This is a movie review and so, I'm going to write my feelings about this movie and at the end (and in between) I'll share with you the differences and similarities between the book and movie.

So, Let's get started.

1. Sam Claflin is the perfect Will Traynor.

I mean, LOOK AT HIM!

love flirting swoon swooning

He looks and sounds like the Will Traynor I imagined in my mind! His acting throughout the movie was brilliant.

2. Louisa's outfits are on point.

I'm really happy that they didn't exclude her crazy outfits from the movie.

3. Emilia Clarke's acting is overdone at some points.

I hate to say this but I didn't like her acting at many points. The character felt like it was exaggerated. She sounded like the most cheerful child alive.

4.The Bumblebee tights scene is the cutest one! <3

One of my most favorite scenes. <3 It's so adorable *tears of joy*

.5. The death scene is not sentimental/emotional. 

Okay. I'm maybe the only one who think so.  Anyway, the scene in which Will dies is not emotional or sentimental at all and this really bothered me. I expected them to do a better job at this scene and I expected to shed some tears. Hell, I expected to bawl my eyes out but nope, it didn't happen.

I actually found this scene more heart wrenching and devastating! And to be honest, I cried a little while watching this scene.

me before you image

You might not know but I hate how the book ended. The ending did not give any hope and faith to the readers especially people with disabilities. And that's why I despise the movie ending as well. Will was ready to give up his life because he couldn't enjoy it anymore. I'm not a disabled person and I'm sorry if I cross any line but I think that the book ending doesn't give the right message.


Comparison with the book:

The movie was good with the exception of the death scene and I really liked it. It's obviously not better than the book but it was a good one. Better than many of the other book to movie adaptations.

Now, these are some of the things that were in the book but not mentioned in the movie:

  1.  There was no harassment scene/no maze scene.
  2.  Will's dad was not cheating on his mother.
  3. She didn't tell Patrick. And that's why there was no moving in and him telling the media about Will's suicide scene. In short, he is less douchy in the movie.
  4. If you remember, Will's mother sent the ticket to Lou but in the movie, Lou decides to go there by herself.
  5. Will also doesn't have a sister in the movie.

So, guys this was my Me Before You movie review. It's also my very first movie review! Tell me what do you think about my review as well as the movie?

Published by Zainab Sheikh


Jul 18, 2016, 5:08:02 PM

Totally agree with you especially about emilia clark who really acted very odd in most of the scenes.. But sam claffin did a very gud job his tears in the end looked soo real! I dont know if its only me but seriously i loved his acting.. And also i loved the fact that each and everything was exactly same as written in the buk.. Even Emilia's sister in movie was prettier than her.. Gud work by the way keep it up ;)

Jul 18, 2016, 4:02:12 PM

I loved the movie but not more than the book. I totally agree with the Sam Claflin part. Nobody could've played Will better than Sam Claflin. What I didn't like is that they left out the maze scene and the part where they both get tattoos. But overall this was a brilliant review!

Jul 18, 2016, 12:43:51 PM

HELLO! This is an AWESOME review! I'm so surprised it's your first one because it's THAT GOOD. I just watched this movie a few days ago and I loved it! I agree, Sam Claflin was the PERFECT Will Trainor! I have to say I enjoyed the movie better than the book *hides against all the raging bookworms of the world* The book was great but there were some things that annoyed me in there. Definitely agree about the less douchey Patrick because DAMN he was a big royal pain in the book! Great review!

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