Boost Customer Lifetime Value for your eCommerce Website in Dubai

Boost Customer Lifetime Value for your eCommerce Website in Dubai

Jul 16, 2021, 11:03:14 AM Tech and Science

Before moving ahead in this article, first, you need to know about CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) is the average revenue in an eCommerce business that you can make from consumers over the whole lifetime of their account. For instance, if a consumer signs up for your product for ten months, the amount that the consumer will pay during the period will determine his lifetime value. However, various eCommerce web development companies in Dubai provide a lot of effective ways to their clients to increase CLTV. So, here we will discuss effective ways to boost customer lifetime value for your eCommerce business. 

Set up a Customer Account Page

To complete a purchase, everyone is trying to make it easier. The simplicity of creating a purchase is just what drives your users closer to you and takes them away from competitors. One of the most used strategies to get your eCommerce website visitors to complete a purchase is offering guest checkout. An analytics platform also gives you an abundance of data on your customers.

Start a Customer’s Loyalty

That is where customer loyalty comes in to improve customer lifetime value for your eCommerce Microsoft word. If you set up a loyalty program, you are attracting customers to make more purchases from you instead of a reward. That they can reward on their next purchase. When you are offered exclusive pre-launch coupon codes and you want to avail them right away.

Address Post-purchase Order Anxiety Upfront

Approximately 85% of customers are willing to pay for a great customer experience. But one bad understanding leads to not just losing the customer. Typically this happens when post-purchase anxiety comes in. The further worried your customer is, the fewer likely they are to come back to you. By setting up order tracking pages on your eCommerce website design in Dubai and triggering automated status updates on email and SMS, you can address this. Launch upsell and cross-sell campaigns. Don’t wait for customers to visit your store and explore all your product ranges. Many of them are so distracted that they will probably just land on the page and leave in a few seconds.

Run Retargeting Campaigns

Always browsed on an eCommerce website in UAE and then suddenly was followed by display ads across the web. Remarketing ads need to be an element of your customer engagement and maintenance strategies right from the start. They are not just used to recover abandoned carts, but also to continually remain at the top of your customer's mind.

Ask for Customer Feedback and Suggestions

It is very important to make a strategy to get feedback from your customers. When you have this as an example in an email, web push, and other marketing channels. Numerous times you will see brands focusing on making shoppers complete the purchase.

These are a few questions that can make or break your relations with customers, directly impacting your customer lifetime value. Always remember to collect feedback:

  • At the point of order delivery
  • Immediately after the order is delivered via email, Facebook messenger, and on a phone call.
  • After a few days from order delivery via email, SMS, and on Facebook messenger.
  • But also remember, we are talking about feedback and not requesting ratings.

Help Customers Make the Right Purchase Decision

Making more sales is the end objective but reaching there doesn't need to be all about pushing discounts. And deals in front of the user till they generate a purchase. When the competition is on the rise, the one thing. What is definite to make a customer want to buy from a brand is faith. And that cannot be won by the biggest of discounts. It comes only when you make it a priority to help shoppers make an informed purchase decision. Make sure your product pages include all the important information about the item to enable live chat on your website. And this can be done in several ways. The idea is accessible to shoppers when they have an inquiry and address those with the highest level of honesty. They are more likely to enjoy the order once delivered when you help a consumer make an informed purchase. And they are more likely to come back for more, hence increasing your customers’ lifetime value.

Getting Onboarding Right

When you have an eCommerce website development in Dubai is a differentiator for consumers to make their selection. Today is all about the onboarding experience. And the brand needs to remember that they only get a single opportunity to make a first impression. The second reason why customers drop off is that the product service they close fails to deliver value. And easily resolved by focusing on your onboarding process. You can tailor your onboarding process accordingly by understanding your customers and their pain points. Show the customers the value they can receive during the onboarding process itself.

Keep them Engaged

If you have acquired and onboarded your customers, it is important to keep them engaged. Or you can say your app will be lost in the sea of shopping apps on a user's phone. And keep them coming back to the app with campaigns across channels like push notifications. When they are in-app, keep connected with them in a contextual and personalized manner.

Reward Loyal Users

Loyal customers who keep coming to your platform by making them feel special. Give surprise and delight to your loyal customers and make them feel important. And celebrate their special moments like birthdays and anniversaries. A loyal customer is satisfied with your product and services so the cost of retaining them is low. Additionally, by making them feel special, you are making it easier for up-sells and cross-sells. In addition to increasing in order values and occurrences. All this leads to an increase in customer lifetime value.

Provide High-end Customer Service

To help your eCommerce business increase retention and grow, quality consumer service is a compulsory investment. Consumers will defect to competitors even if your product is above average or your service is below average. Better consumer service equals a better consumer experience so it is important to offer good customer service.

Now, you can discuss your business planning with the top mobile app development company in Dubai. But, a question is raised: how do you provide customer service that boosts customer lifetime value? Here are some things that you ought to consider:

  • Provide Omni-channel support
  • Provide 24/7 supports
  • Monitor social media
  • Provide live chat support
  • Maintain a knowledge base

Identify Common Pain Points and Give Solutions

You can identify your common pain points by reading the reviews of customers and after detecting them you need to provide solutions. The surveys make this task simple by permitting you to gather actionable feedback and identify common pain points for consumers who are unhappy with your brand.

Summing Up

Now you must have known about the effective ways to boost customer lifetime value for your eCommerce business by reading the above-written points. Your revenue will increase if you value consumers. These effective ways are applied by a lot of eCommerce development companies in the UAE to increase customer lifetime value for their eCommerce business. Hope you like this article. If you want to know something more about customer lifetime value, inform us at +971 52 708 1010 or email us at We are always here to provide you with informative articles so get in touch with us.

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