Top 5 best endless running games to play

Top 5 best endless running games to play

Jan 4, 2022, 12:46:19 PM Sport

Top 5 best endless running games

Are you looking for a new game to play? Are you bored of your old video games? Well have no fear because I've got the perfect solution! In this top 5, I will share with you my favorite endless running games. These games are fun, addicting and best of all they don't require WiFi or an internet connection. You can play them anywhere and anytime!

Runners world

Runners World is a great app for gamers who like to run. It has lots of features and even has a social media aspect that lets you post your achievements and check out other people's stats. The app allows you to set goals for yourself, share your progress on Facebook, and have fun with different events.

Website Link - Runners World

Temple run 2

Temple run 2 is one of the most popular endless running games for mobile devices. In this game, you control a character called Guy Dangerous who is on a mission to steal an idol from an Aztec temple. He is chased by demonic monkeys and evil spirits. The game's graphics are decent with clean lines and good color schemes. It also has some great sound effects which make it more immersive.

Website Link - Temple run 2

Slope Game

The basis of the game is that you have to roll the ball as far as possible. With every passing second the ball moves faster and faster; makes the game so exciting and difficult to play. The slope is also made difficult by the fact that there are red obstacles in the way that break the ball and end the round. One has to learn to play so that at high speed do not touch the obstacles and let the ball stay on your way anyway.

Website Link - Slope Game

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is the most popular game on this list with over 1 billion downloads. It's free to play and always has new content. The objective of the game is to escape from the authorities. You collect coins as you run through different cities, which can be used to purchase different characters or power-ups.

Website Link - Subway Surfers

Temple Run Brave

Temple Run Brave is one of the best endless running games to play. It has an interesting story that ties into the Disney film Brave. The graphics are really well done and it's so much fun to see all the new scenery as you progress through the game.

Website Link - Temple Run Brave

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