Desserts laced with lavender

Desserts laced with lavender

Nov 23, 2016, 9:12:36 PM Life and Styles

Recently I have been having some fun experimenting with lavender flavours in the kitchen. Pictured is a lavender yoghurt pannacotta with elderflower cordial granita and fresh summer berries.

I got the yoghurt pannacotta base recipe from The Best of Bill - Bill Granger but the rest was based on ideas from myself and my husband Cass. I wanted to turn it into a lavender yoghurt pannacotta and thought this would go with summer berries. He suggested a cordial granita. His original thinking was lingonberry - but this was way too sweet and the elderflower cordial we had ended up with a subtle flavour that would complement the lavender. 

The idea for the pannacotta came from a lavender crème brûlée that I had tried about a month before. It is pictured below. For the recipe head to:​


Using lavender in desserts came from an ice-cream recipe idea I had in July. This one is already up on MTS: https://

Would love to hear your recipe flavour adaptations and experiments in the comments below.

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