Bohan Gong to Lead New Productions at Water Image World Entertainment

Bohan Gong to Lead New Productions at Water Image World Entertainment

May 31, 2020, 12:29:34 AM Life and Styles

Filmmaking has always been an international industry but in present times it is more integrated with different cultures than ever before. Entertainment is borderless these days, both in consumption by audiences and in regards to centers of creativity.  A prime example is Water Image World Entertainment (WIWE), a full-service international production company with headquarter bases in Los Angeles and branch offices in New York and Chengdu, China. Their offerings include such films as Chinatown Detective 2 and The Ghouls: Xun Long Jue (with a WWBO of $ 544 million and $259 million respectively) as well as hit television series like Beautiful Life and The Starry Night The Starry Sea. Boasting more than forty awards from top tier film festivals, the WIWE production teams include many Academy Award Winners. This utilization of premier talent behind-the-scenes has recently been extended to include well-known producer Bohan Gong who has been titled as lead producer for three upcoming feature films and a TV Series for WIWE. Delivering more than fifty films from concept to reality, Bohan earned prominence with his work on such productions as: the dual Academy Award winning Hacksaw Ridge, American Made starring Tom Cruise, The King’s Daughter starring Pierce Brosnan, The Bruce Lee story Birth of the Dragon, and numerous others. Non-Western audiences have also benefitted from Bohan’s work on such lauded films as So Young 2, Shanghai Sojourners, 13-time film festival winner Los Angeles Kidnapping, and countless more. Bohan represents the most modern of producers; one who possesses the abilities of a consummate filmmaker along with a truly global perception of audiences. His guidance on WIWE’s upcoming productions ensures a cinematic approach of the highest level to these U.S. based projects. 

These films which Bohan has been producing for WIWE are vastly diverse in theme while still retaining the unifying aspect of teaching the audience about themselves through film. Little Bride is a story about college students who come to the Yunyao Village as teachers. What they discover is that the divide between poverty and prosperity also has established ideological barriers which create an inflexible life course for the younger generation of the village. Li Xiang is one of the students taking part in this outreach who attempts to make drastic changes to help but her overture meets a sizable obstacle. As producer of Little Bride since 2019, Bohan has been deeply invested in its evolution which is set to begin shooting in 2021. Set to begin principal photography in 2022, Mr. Right depicts a future in which humans fall in love with A.I., quite literally. Taking place in the year 2060, the main character Cecilia has relocated to NYC only to find that her boyfriend [Alan] has betrayed her. Validated in her distrust of organic men, she begins dating A.I. males. In a very futuristic twist on the love triangle, Cecilia finds herself caught between actual males and robot males while being forced to decide her path forward. The decidedly much more tense and nefarious The Wager of Death is a tale of placing bets on the mortality of people. In the film, a company known as the Jones Charity Welfare Association operates under the guise of caring for elderly and dying patients but in truth is involved in a gaming group with the most sinister of interests. In addition to this trio of films, Bohan is set to produce the television series Circus which follows two women in the entertainment industry. Emma is already a star, while the up and coming Isabella is pursuing her dream. Though this may not be an original premise, the twist of the “Mirror Circus” presented in the show is extraordinarily unique in depicting how these women deal with the reality around them. 

These upcoming productions are notably disparate in theme. Supporting and cultivating the uniqueness of each while still maintaining the highest quality level begins with a producer of preeminent ability. Yunyi Zeng, CEO of Water Image World Entertainment LLC., communicates his reasons for enlisting Bohan as he states, “I worked with Bohan on Los Angeles Kidnapping and it was a fantastic experience. I’d call it inspiring. When a producer like Bohan is in charge, it energizes everyone in the cast and crew. You can see them feeding off that energy and feeling supported to bring their best work. It was after this experience that I invited him to become the producer for Water Image World Entertainment’s upcoming Movies and TV Series. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted the best and Bohan is it.” 

WIWE and the entirety of the film and television production industry have found themselves along with the rest of the world, waiting for the end of the global pandemic. Always thinking proactively, Bohan confirms that he is pondering over the eventual return to work for the industry and what it will look like. In a positive tone he relates, “I don’t think the main structure of the Film and TV Series industry will have a big change after the pandemic is over. I do think that people will have gotten into the habit of watching streaming films during the pandemic but this could offer new opportunities for both the industry and audiences; it doesn’t mean an end to the old ways, just maybe some additional opportunities.”

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