Choosing SAP Business ByDesign as their ERP Software of Choice?

Choosing SAP Business ByDesign as their ERP Software of Choice?

Mar 9, 2021, 12:18:52 PM Business

What all fast-growing mid-sized businesses have in common is that their current business solution could not match their growth objectives and creates more hurdles than supporting their overall working methods. Also, since most of the software is being purchased at the start of the company when the businesses start as a small scale business, the limited functionality of the system restricts the scalability and future aspects of the business.

While visionary midsize businesses realize the need of replacing legacy software with more advanced and future-ready systems, many other midsize marketers like to be ignorant about the inefficiencies of their current system. In turn, they keep putting pressure on the legacy systems and keep expecting the features that are never designed in them. However, this could not be stretched to a greater extent if the company is actually willing to expand or the business requirements are already increasing as per the industry or customer needs.

Midsize Businesses are making a Shift towards Smarter ERP System

With increasing pressure on mid-marketers by their peers, customers, or other them in-build inefficiencies, mid marketers are making a shift to a more advanced, next-gen smarter enterprise solution, SAP Business ByDesign.

Thousands of growing midsize and large enterprises in over 90 countries have already switched to SAP Business ByDesign ERP software to facilitate their key business functions. 

Still, wondering what makes SAP Business ByDesign so perfect for a midsize business? Read these 4 concrete reasons that will build your trust in SAP Business ByDesign over other ERP Solutions.


Automates the Core Business Processes

Being a fast-growing mid-sized company doesn’t allow you to waste your time and resources on manual and mundane tasks. You need to free your skilled resources from the same to focus more on the overall growth strategies. SAP Business ByDesign being a smart business automation tool integrates and automates the core business processes from inventory and purchasing to sales and CRM to financial and accounting processes. Apart from this, you also get added in-built features like real-time analytics, business intelligence to support complete visibility across the entire organization.


Scalable Solution for Growth Opportunities

SAP Business One is built to grow with you. When you are establishing a new subsidiary locally or abroad, SAP Business ByDesign can seamlessly integrate to add more functionality and added features to your existing solution to cope with the needs of globalization/localization.

Completely Cost-effective

SAP Business ByDesign is deployed in your organization as a SaaS solution. That is, it is hosted and implemented over the Cloud and no IT, hardware maintenance cost will be required for the software. This makes the solution extremely cost-effective and affordable. Also, since the updates in the software are automated, you get to use the most updated and advanced version of ERP software every time you use it.


Less Implementation Time

Since the solution is cloud-based, it does not require much of the implementation time like that in the typical on-premise ERP software. Also, since it is hosted on the SAP Cloud, the solution becomes extremely secure to use and share information within the organization or with the subsidiaries.


If you are a midsize business, you have to think of a solution that just does not meet the current business requirements, but is future-ready as well and SAP Business ByDesign is just the right solution for you. 

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