Ductless vs Central Air Conditioning – The Better Option

Choosing between a ductless or a central air conditioning system is the first dilemma you may come across when it comes to cooling your home efficiently. You are not alone in this; many homeowners are yet to find the right answer to this question.

Here are a few things you need to consider while deciding between a ductless and a central air conditioning system:


If you want to have the freedom of installing indoor air handlers anywhere you wish, ductless air conditioning is what you need to go for. This way you can limit the heated and cooled air to specific parts of your home and keep your energy bills low while creating superior comfort.

Heating and Cooling

Central air conditioners are only meant to cool homes. If you need year-round indoor comfort you will have to pair your central air conditioning system with a furnace or heat pump. You have to consider the variations in temperature in your area too. If the temperature in your area never dips below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, a ductless air conditioning system might be a better choice to heat as well as cool your home. With reversible heat pumps, they can move warm air in both directions.


If you are fine with the same level of temperature in all areas of your home a central air conditioning system should be your choice. But if your idea is to set different temperatures in different rooms, you may benefit from choosing a multi-split ductless system. If you are not using a particular room, you can always stop the heat or cool air from getting directed there.

Energy Consumption

Central air conditioning systems result from it at least 30 percent of energy losses as a lot of cool air can seep out. This issue of energy leaks can be efficiently eliminated by installing a ductless system. Also, you can save a lot on your utility bills by directing air to only the parts of the home you use.


An experienced contractor or a reputed central air conditioning repair service can easily install a central air conditioning system. However, ductless air conditioning installation requires a lot of legwork. Appropriate places need to be determined to mount the indoor air handlers. Load calculations have to be performed to make sure the equipment used is of the right capacity.


When installing multiple indoor units to deliver heated or cooled air to specific rooms, you will also need to think about the design of your ductless system matching your interior decor. This is not so in case of central air conditioning since most of the equipment would be tucked away. Nevertheless, if you can find some compact, low-profile indoor ductless units, you can deal with this issue quite easily.

No decision can be made without considering the cost. So if this is your deciding factor you will have to understand that the initial cost of getting a ductless system installed is much higher than that of a central air conditioning unit. Nevertheless, in the long run, the ductless system can be more efficient than central air conditioners.

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