How to Bet On Soccer - A Beginner’s Guide

There is no other sport in the world that is more famous than soccer if we talk about betting. From North America to Europe and Asia, soccer is definitely the most popular sport that attracts billions of dollars every year. So if you are a newbie, here is a guide for you to know how to bet on soccer.

Decide where to bet

This is the very first step that you need to plan. Whether you bet online or at a casino, choose a bookmaker with a nice reputation. The site or venue should have licenses and should accept the popular payment methods. To bet on soccer, you should find a reputed bookie online and register an account with them. Put some currency in the account and get started. A lot of sites allow you to link your PayPal account or use Bitcoins for easy payout and betting options.

How to increase your odds at winning

It is good to be informed about the players, trends, and teams within the game before you bet on a match or game. You should also read the latest soccer news and know the matchups, which seem to favor which sides. For example, if an undefeated champion goes against a team that loses a lot, it is always wise to bet against the losing team. But at the same time, don’t always place the bets on your favorites. Sometimes betting against the favorites can yield rewards too. There are different types of soccer odds sites for help like oddsMax.

It is further important to understand the concept of odds. Odds are the calculations that are used to know how much you will earn from a bet. Odds are represented mainly as a number, which you can multiply by the total bet to know your winnings. For example, think you bet for $100 on a match with odds of 1.5 in favor of France. When the team wins, you will get $150.

The odds on wager are the ones where the amount you win is less than you bet. In the same example, the $150 highlights your $100 bet and $50 extra. Such bets are easy to win and provide a minimum payout. On the other hand, the odds against bet are the ones where the amount you win is more than what you bet. These are harder to crack, but they reap bigger rewards.

Also, important to note that different bookmakers offer different odds and so it is best to check a few bookmakers to have the best odds possible before you place a bet. Yet another way of representing odds is through moneylines. The moneyline odds are provided in the number of hundreds or thousands, accompanies by plus or minus. So, a positive moneyline shows how much you earn on the $100 bet. When winning moneyline, you will also get the initial bet unit returned to you. Like for example, say if you place a bet for $100 on a team with +200 moneyline odds, then you will get $300 (i.e., your actual investment $100 and $200). Similarly, when you bet $200 on a match with moneyline odds of +100, you will get $400 (i.e., $100 on the first hundred spent, $100 on second hundred spent and $200, which is the initial investment).

Now let’s take an example of a negative case. Moneyline odds highlighted as a negative number shows how much you should invest before you earn $100. Like if the moneyline odds are -100 and you bet $100, and you win, then you will get $200 back (i.e., the initial investment $100 and $100 s winnings).

Different types to bet

2 way moneyline

The majority of sportsbooks offer the 2 way moneyline, which is called as the Draw, No Bet. This bet means that the wager is based on the outcome of the match, with the bet getting canceled if the result comes as a Draw. The only 2 possible results are a win for either team. Odds are tweaked a little as per which team is the most preferred because then the wager cannot be lost on Draw.

3 way moneyline

Moneyline in soccer is just like it is in any other sport except for the point that unlike soccer, the hockey or basketball player can even bet on the draw. In many matches, draws are the final result of the match, so there are 3 potential outcomes. The soccer bets are based on results after 90 minutes with shootouts and overtime not counting towards wagers. This sort of thing is relevant in tournaments like World Cups, where the winner should be determined to advance to the next level. In such matches, the outcome is determined towards the end of the game with shootout and overtime, not counting towards wager.


Sportsbooks take bets on totals of matches as well, which is like what they do with most of the other sports. A particular line is set for every match, and the player can then select whether they wish to bet ‘over’ or ‘under.’ 

Goal lines

Betting on the goal lines simply means placing a bet on what the difference in the score of the two teams will be. Just as bets on totals, such goal lines bets are made as under/over statement, generally under 0.5, over 0.5, or under/over some value of similar sort. For example, when you bet over 2.5 in a match, it simply means that you believe that a team will win by 3 goals at least. So, when betting on the goal lines, you need to call the bet and also indicate which team you believe will win.

It is crucial to keep the under/over value a little low. Higher the goal lines bet you place, riskier is it to win. Such type of a bet is also called as betting on the point spreads.

Placing the bet

After you have understood what all types of bets are involved, what all to keep into consideration, it is now time to place your bet. Decide on the amount you would like to spend. This amount, which is known as the bankroll, will differ as per your income. So be honest and invest the amount that you really think you can. Once you decide on the amount of money you invest in betting, you will now have to finalize the amount which you want to place on each bet. This is called as the betting unit size.

Choose the team or game you would like to bet. As you register with the betting site or casino, make a stake on a team or game you like. Never put all the money on one game or one outcome. Try to distribute the risk by betting on different games or teams. Also, if you win, don’t get too excited or carried away. Be happy with what you have won. Set some specific budget or guidelines for success when you bet on soccer. Make sure your goals are realistic.

This way, you can bet safely on soccer, and your chances to win are high. 

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