How to Choose Efficient Flare Gas Recovery Compressor System?

How to Choose Efficient Flare Gas Recovery Compressor System?

Dec 28, 2018, 9:39:04 PM Business

Emission of greenhouse gases has significantly increased in recent times. A major reason behind this is the improving living standards and population growth. To fulfill the rising demands for gas and oil, tons of gas tends to be flared out in the form of by-product, providing large supplies. This process offers complete safety by decreasing pressure on the system and efficiently destroys the waste that is produced by industries. Therefore, for effective operations, oil and gas refineries must be equipped with advanced flare gas recovery compressor system (FGRCS). 

Know More About Flare Gas Recovery Compressor System

Flare gas recovery refers to the process of collecting waste gases that would usually be flared so that they can work as fuel in other facilities. This maximizes their potential, reduces unwanted costs, and is eco-friendly too. The FGRCS forms the core of this system as it: 

  • Removes liquids and compresses the gas to a specified level of pressure
  • Isolates flare header with the proprietary design at the staging level
  • Recovers gases that are typically flared and delivers them back for further processing
  • Cools down the gas that has been recovered

The safety of a facility is based on how they integrate the flare gas recovery compressor system (FGRCS) with the flare and relief header system. While dealing with this, the only connecting link would be the compressor skid- other components are properly designed and constructed to provide reliable and safe operation. Hence, selecting a reputable manufacturer for the process always counts as with this you will be aware of the quality of products that you are dealing with. 

Why Do Flare Gas Recovery Compressor System Matters?

The flare gas compressor system processes hydrocarbons that are heavier and condense them out. The liquid hydrocarbons and amines tend to make their way into gravity separator which decants the hydrocarbon, while amine goes for processing amine solution. Later, the clean gas is sent to the system for removal of hydrogen sulfide and then finally to a fuel header. Whatever condensed hydrocarbons that may be present in the system get decanted again. 

Thus, the use of flare gas recovery compressor system rewards you with countless benefits and some of them are: 

  • Reduce the carbon emissions to a dramatic extent (almost zero flaring) and this enables you to remain in compliance with the strict environmental standards too.
  • Recover the gases that were earlier flared as waste products and thereby enhance their usability
  • Increase the life of your flare system and at the same time control the operational costs too
  • Enhance perception of clients and customers about your business and the impact that it can create
  • Produce hydrocarbons which are transportable through common mediums namely LGN or GTL plants.

What to Look For in Flare Gas Recovery Compressor System?

When you are planning to invest in flare gas recovery compressor system then there are three important things that you should look after and these are: innovative approach, proven performance, and simplified operations. 

The system should have an innovative way of tackling with the hydrocarbons by scrubbing off H2S from their condensed state, as this can reduce the need of downstream for getting rid of them. In addition, for the effective operation of the refinery, you should count on a system that operates smoothly. For this, consider experienced manufacturers who feature professional installations that enhance profitability and keep the refinery in compliance with the environment and government regulations. 

At last, the flare gas recovery compressor system has to be safe to use. Because you do not only require impressive results, but you need to achieve them in a secured manner and this can only be assured by a reliable system.

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