How to Transform Your Garden from Dreary to Desirable?

Planters with Pedestals

How to Transform Your Garden from Dreary to Desirable?

Aug 4, 2020, 5:46:46 AM Life and Styles

The last thing you want to feel about taking time to spend outside your home is dread. This space should be inviting and a place in which you long to spend time. Transforming your garden from dreary to desirable does not have to be expensive nor time-consuming. In fact, you could choose to chip away at it little by little rather than approaching it at full speed. Continue reading for our advice on ways in which you could successfully achieve this change.


Invest a little time into your lawn early on in the year, and it won’t need too much more doing to it from then on. Make sure you remove all leaves from the surface to prevent them from becoming mushy and possibly leading to dead patches. As soon as the grass looks ready to cut, be sure to do so. However, mowing the lawn should be done later afternoon or early evening. This ensures that the grass is dry enough, but the sun will not be scorching enough to do any damage. During the hot summer months, your lawn may be feeling as parched as you at times. Water, as it is for you, is the answer. Be sure to give it a liberal hosing every other day during the late afternoon.

Flowers and Plants

Color brightens up a drab space, whether inside or out. Vibrant plants and flowers are easy to come by but do take your time and choose ones that will last longer. It can be so disappointing to get the garden looking beautiful and then the flowers rapidly die. Read the labels carefully. Colorful hebes and things like lavender always look good. Plus the latter attracts bees which inject more than just a buzz into your outside space. To keep everything looking fresh and attractive, be sure to keep the weeds under control. If you are far from being green-fingered, consider laying down a membrane and covering it with bark chippings or a harder covering such as gravel or colored slate. This makes the upkeep much more manageable, although the initial outlay will cost be a little more costly.

If flower beds seem like too much hassle, why not invest in a few planters with pedestals? With some of these, your garden’s status will automatically go from standard to sophisticated. The designs can be simple or intricate and always look attractive.


A patio can be such a versatile addition to your outdoor space. From busy family barbecues to more sophisticated intimate soirees with friends, setting aside an area in which to socialize is well worth the time and expense. Take your time choosing a table and chairs to complement the area. Although glass can look stunning, unless you take the time to clean it regularly and ensure it is smear-free, it can be a nuisance and something you will quickly regret. Wooden furniture is usually a better option. It tends to withstand adverse weather conditions as long as it is treated regularly and looked after well. Alternatively, you may wish to improve the look of the area with the addition of some pallet furniture. Create your own, and you can make it look however you like. You can even use a bold color of paint to make it stand out even more.

Water Features

A pond can change the entire look of a garden as well as adding interest, especially if it is large enough to house fish. Of course, do consider the safety aspect if you have young children or they visit regularly. Alternatively, a small water fountain may be a good option. Not only can they look attractive, but they can also add an element of calm. Imagine lying on a sun lounger, reading a good book, sipping on a glass of wine, and listening to the slow trickling sound of the fountain.

Fruit and Vegetables

The idea of a vegetable patch may well be a turn-off. That is understandable as they are not the prettiest of sights. However, growing your own produce does not need to be limited to an area on the ground. Instead, you could use hanging baskets in which to grow smaller things such as cherry tomatoes, alpine strawberries or herbs. Strategically placed large trough planters or pots can also be utilized. Be sure to read up on how much space the plants need to grow properly though otherwise they may become pot-bound and fail to flourish. Once properly established, fruit and vegetables can look quirky and interesting. Add a splash of color to the pots or planters, and you’ll be thrilled with your decisions. 

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