Julias Experience of Training Her Dog June in 2018

Hello, my name is Julia Roberts and I stay in Texas, United States. Let me Introduce myself by starting with the fact that I am obsessed with dogs. I can tell you what a dog is feeling and thinking by looking at his posture and face. 

I am a huge pet lover and I have a pet dog named June. Here is a Picture of both of us:-

As you can have a look in the pic, June has been with me since he was a pup and he has grown in front of me in my arms. I have trained and taken care of him since the day I brought him home. 

I will share my story of the time when June was a pup and I was a beginner in training dogs with no experience and little knowledge. I had gained a little knowledge from Dog training blogs like akc.org. But to be honest I was having a difficult time potty training my puppy June. 

That's when one of my friend who had a dog with her since last 2 years told me about an online program called Brain training for dogs and also told me where to avail its secret discount coupon

That course did teach me a lot of cool tips and techniques that I could not have learned anywhere else and hence Adrienne faricelli’s course really helped me train my puppy June. 

I would advise you to have a look at this online program as well but you need to be patient and spend daily 10 to 20 minutes practicing training tips and routine with your puppy. Discipline is key to training your young doggy.

Many people ask me in how much time did i train my dog?  And my answer is it depends on your definition of a trained dog. Isn't it? Am I right? 

Some people just want to house train their dog...some just want to potty train their little ones while some like me even go for obedience training their pet. I feel every dog loves to indulge in training routines but it's upon you to stop him from getting distracted and keep his attention on you and training. 

While you are training your dog, pay attention to the fact that you need to act as a Pack Leader. Pack Leader is someone whom a dog can trust, respect and also fear his presence. It's tricky to be all the three things at the same time but you would understand what I am saying from Brain training 4 dogs.

It's been 2 years since I first brought June to my home and you know what? I am still training him daily, spending time with him and getting to know him better. That's why I said human-dog relation is very special and sometimes it's beyond my words to describe it. 

It does take time to Train a dog but its worth it when you observe your hard work has paid when he starts obeying or doing what you had taught him. 

Do comment what you felt about my story. Thanks.

Published by Zoe Sewell


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