Malta - The Perfect Country for Retirement

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Malta - The Perfect Country for Retirement

May 15, 2020, 6:03:14 PM Life and Styles

Finding the right country to which to retire is challenging. You have to consider many things before you finally settle. It’s probably going to be the place where you will spend the rest of your life. You have to weigh up all the options, the pros, and cons. If you intend to retire in a different country, these are signs which can point you in the right direction.

Expat numbers

If there is a high concentration of ex-pats in the area, that is a reasonable indicator that foreigners are accepted as part of the local scene. It is also an indication that there is probably a strong community spirit among the ex-pat population. An established, integrated community of ex-pats will make the transition of living abroad so much easier. Drawing on their experience can help smooth the bureaucracy bumps along the way. Red tape is everywhere!


Only you know what your budget is and what you can afford. Living abroad is no different from living in the UK. Utility bills, food, and other essentials will still have to be paid for. Before taking the plunge and moving abroad, you should seek advice from a financial advisor. Buying property abroad, arranging for pensions to be paid into a bank account in your new home country, as well as researching potential tax liability. There is also the small matter of exchange rates; talk to your bank before transferring any large sums of money abroad.

Des res!

Where would you like to live? Do you prefer a beach life? Is your idea of heaven being able to walk to the beach from your home any time you choose? Would you be happy to live in an area where tourist numbers swell in season, or would you prefer your new home to be in a quieter, less built-up area such as a village or hamlet in the interior? If you have only ever lived in a house, would you be happy to swap a house for an apartment? Would a villa or townhouse be more preferable?

Destination Malta

Malta is an ideal destination in which to retire. It has all of the above-mentioned attributes, has a long association with the United Kingdom and English is widely spoken by the local people. The climate is fab all year round, although in January you may want to put the heating on in the evenings.

Property prices in Malta, in general, are surprisingly affordable, given it is a popular destination for increasing numbers of ex-pats making Malta their home. There are superb apartments in Marsascala and Sliema which would make a great home for singletons, couples,s or indeed families. Alternatively, a townhouse located in Mellieha or a seafront townhouse in Senglea is a great investment – data supplied by Frank Salt Real Estate - as well as a great place to call home.

Busy schedule?

If you're planning on retiring to Malta, you'll probably have time on your hands. Time on your hands that can be spent sampling the local cuisine, exploring the beaches, doing a spot of sea fishing, or exploring local historic sites of which there are many. If you prefer, you'll have plenty of time for discovering just how comfortable a sun longer really is where to find best civet cat coffee philippines.

The good thing about retiring is that you'll have a lot of free time on your hands. It means that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want at your own pace. If you plan to try activities you have never done before, it’s a golden opportunity. 

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