There’s no ‘Substitute’ for Editor Jing Wang

There’s no ‘Substitute’ for Editor Jing Wang

Apr 20, 2020, 2:11:21 PM Life and Styles

Jing Wang knew since she was only a child that she wanted to one day make movies, but it was as a teenager that she discovered her passion for editing. She was in high school at the time, and her brother wanted her to make a montage of videos featuring his girlfriend to celebrate their anniversary. Wang, always interested in making videos, of course agreed, despite never having edited footage together before. Once she began, she was hooked, captivated by the way the slightest change in editing can alter everything. It was a simple project, but she knew in that moment that she wanted to one day be a film editor. 

Now, Wang has achieved that dream, recognized around the world for her talent. Films such as The Right Way, Headphone, and Catch Me have shown audiences everywhere just what Wang is capable of as an editor, artist, and storyteller, and with many exciting upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated film Flawless, Wang has no plans on slowing down. 

“I have had the opportunity to edit many different styles of films and every director I have worked with has had a lot of trust in me, and they always recommend me for other projects,” she says. 

Wang enjoys making all films, but is incredibly passionate about the horror genre. She has loved horror films since she was a child, and when given the opportunity to make her first of the genre, Substitute, it was yet another dream come true for this Chinese native. 

“I love horror/thriller movies. Yinheng Li, the writer and director of the film, knew this and asked me to help him with his script by providing more detail and reaction to the story. He thought I was the perfect person to edit the film as well. I really wanted to help him and to put my own touch on it all,” said Wang. 

Substitute is about a couple who is watching TV at home when they are interrupted by the sound of knocks on the door. When the man goes to open the door, he finds no one is there, and when he walks away, there is knocking again. Is it a young hooligan kidding around? Or something more sinister?  

“I love the change in the female lead. This is very important because the woman's performance at the beginning is listless, just like a dead battery, but when the woman comes into the door full of energy, she’s like a new battery,” said Wang. 

Because Wang was involved in the beginning stages of the script development, she was able to envision just how to edit the film early on. She wanted to make the rhythm tense and show off the horror atmosphere by using close ups and distinctive and sudden sounds. She was able to make many decisions on her own, arranging shots and altering the opening, because the director trusted her so much.  

“Working with Jing is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It was very relaxed and productive. She is not just an editor but also a problem solver. She thinks when she edits. Unlike other editors putting things together, she gave me advice while also listening to my thoughts. We had a wonderful time working together, it was a pleasure to be her partner. Her strong strength and dedication in editing shows her professionalism in the industry and her patience is the most important virtue that many other editors don’t have. When I asked her to make revisions over and over again, she never complained, but did her job humbly even though it was 4 a.m. When I received the final version of the film, I was tremendously touched. I believe she is the best editor I’ve ever met, and she will continue making differences in her work and for others,” said Yinheng Li. 

Wang’s pivotal contributions to the film proved fruitful, as the film went on to win Best Thriller at both the Top Shorts Festival and the Los Angeles Film Awards in March 2020. Wang is thrilled by the success and is excited to keep working within the horror genre for years to come.

Published by Zoe Sewell

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