Find The Right Path To Cure Your ED

Find The Right Path To Cure Your ED

May 1, 2021, 10:29:17 AM Life and Styles

If you are suffering from sexual problems like failing to have a harder erection during your sexual intimacy, then you must be having a disease called erectile dysfunction or impotence – inability to get or keep an erection during intimacy.

ED is a common problem and most men suffer from it. Cenforce 100 mg is an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence that contains sildenafil citrate that helps by increasing blood flow to the penis and keeping a harder erection. It is available online globally at online drug pharmacy in various strengths, such as- Cenforce 25mg | Cenforce 50mg | cenforce 100mg | cenforce 120mg | cenforce 150mg | cenforce 200mg | cenforce professional 100mg | cenforce D 100+60mg | cenforce FM 100mg. You can shop online generic ED medicine at an Online drug pharmacy in usa with wide price ranges and secret packaging services.


The dose of Cenforce varies from person to person. Do not change your recommended dose unless your doctor tells you to do so. Single-dose of cenforce is adequate for a day so no more than once a day.

Children - Use is not recommended for below 18 years children 

What Are The Side-effects Of Cenforce 100 mg?

Cenforce 100mg is a quality assured drug for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction. It does not adversely affect if you are consuming it with doctor’s instructions.

Some rare side-effects are: -

Bladder Pain

Increased frequency of urination

Pain on urination

Cloudy or bloody urine


Abnormal vision

Bone pain

Chest pain, etc

If you experience beyond the above-listed side effects, contact your healthcare expert immediately.


  • It is very important that you tell your doctor that you take sildenafil. If you need any medical care for a heart problem, it is important your doctor when you last took sildenafil.
  • Do not consume cenforce 100mg, if you are suffering from heart and liver disorder etc
  • Avoid alcohol and smoke if you are taking cenforce
  • You need to take cenforce 100mg at least 30mins prior to sexual intercourse with ample amounts of water for its better effectiveness.

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