DIY Pore Strip

DIY Pore Strip

Sep 20, 2016, 5:59:51 PM Life and Styles

Pore strips are so expensive, so when I heard about this DIY version that not only remove impurities but also tightens pores and is all natural, I had to get on board.

This strip is really easy, but a bit time consuming and can get messy.

You Will Need
-1 egg
-a small bowl and whisk
-toilet or tissues that you can strip down to 1 ply
-a small brush


-separate the yolk from the egg white and whisk the egg white till it goes a little foamy


-split the tissue into 1 ply and rip into strips that will sit over the areas you want


-paint some of the egg white mixture onto your chosen area and lay the tissue on top, maybe painting some more mixture on top if it needs it (don't worry, you can't smell it)

-leave to dry. If you want to go on with a second layer, make sure it is dried completely before painting on more egg and placing more tissue over the top. It should feel like paper-mache.


-peel it off!

I hope you liked this easy skincare DIY! Let me know if you tried it.


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