Ten Ways To Earn Extra Money

Ten Ways To Earn Extra Money

Whether you're in school, uni or working, everybody can use a bit of extra money. So, today I'm sharing how I earn a little bit of extra for myself! Hope you enjoy.


1.Opinion World

Sponsorships work, because I only got onto this because of YouTubers talking about it. But hey, this does work! All you have to do is fill out surveys and you get paid in paypal money or with store credit (I normally choose Kmart). It's easy and fast, so just put your music on and get answering questions!

2. Airtasker

This website lets you connect with people who need things done. Basically, one of my jobs on there was to write 5 blog posts, and I got paid $200. Easy, right? People put up requests for painters, deliverers, graphic design - whatever. Create an account and browse through, because you never know when someone will pay you to do something that is easy for you.

3. Etsy

This one is pretty simple - can you make really good things? Jewellery, clothes, decor? Whatever you can make, sell it on etsy. It's also a good way to use your creativity!

4. Gumtree/eBay

Similarly, you can always sell used stuff on Gumtree or eBay. You get to clean and organise your space and earn money? Two birds, one stone.

5. Bake Things

Are you a good baker? Then this one's for you! Bake a batch of brownies or cupcakes and take them into work or school and sell them for $2 each. Even better, if you have stoner friends, offer these to them. You can make more $$ that way lol.

6. Tutoring

This has become my full time job and I could not be happier. I love teaching, and the job is just so fulfilling and interesting. If you think you have what it takes to tutor, my advice is to go with an agency. Trust me, having that support and security means the world in this game.

7. AirBnB

If you have a spare room and live in a touristy spot, why not hire it out on AirBnb? You can charge a decent rate & cleaning fee, and make use of spare space.

8. What's in your garden?

Do you have an enormous garden filled with beautiful flowers? Do you have a huge lemon tree that leaves you with a tonne of fruit? Bundle these kind of things up and sell them to friends or family, or even at local markets. People love to buy homegrown things, and this is free to set up.

9. Dog Walking/Babysitting/etc

These kinds of jobs are all about using your contacts. Do you know someone with three kids and no time? What about someone at an office job that might need a hand with filing? Some of the best extra jobs come out of using people you know. Give it a try!

10. Turn What You Love Into A Job

What are your talents? Are you good at art? Graphic design? Music? Photography? Editing papers? Calligraphy? Put yourself out there and turn the things you're good at into a job. Photograph friend's parties for a small fee. Design small YouTuber's banners. Edit your friend's little sibling's papers for English. Calligraphy some invitations and cards and sell them. Think outside the box, and you'll be earning money from something you love in no time.



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