The Best of Australian Entertainment

The Best of Australian Entertainment

If you are from a country in the world that doesn’t know much about good Australian Entertainment, (read: anywhere but Australia, and even then, we’re pushing it here) you are missing out on some damn good stuff. Today I want to share my favourites from film, to TV and music that hopefully will give our amazing entertainment scene some recognition!


-These Final Hours

This is an end-of-the-world film that I absolutely love. It’s scary, thought-provoking, fast paced and just intense as hell. It’s very clever and one of my favourite films of all time. I definitely recommend this one to anyone!

-The Little Death

This is a movie all about sex and fetishes. Hear me out – it’s so, so funny. It stars some great Australian actors and comedians and it’s very, very well written.

TV Shows

-Kettering Incident

This has only just finished its first season and WOW. It’s a sci-fi/thriller set in a tiny Tasmanian town that relates to the disappearances of two girls, 15 years apart. When you watch this, you’ll be hooked.

-The Code

This show came out a while ago on ABC and it follows two brothers who publish a video that was not meant to be published. It’s only 6 parts and it’s just generally a great drama show.

-The Gruen Transfer

The Gruen Transfer is a show that unpacks advertising and marketing campaigns. Sounds boring to some, but as I’m an Advertising student, I can’t get enough of it. It’s very funny and relatable, and extremely clever.


-Ball Park Music

BPM are an alt-rock band that produce some amazing, amazing tracks. Here is my favourite if you’re into that kind of vibe.


RUFUS are an EDM group that make some of the most incredible music I’ve ever heard. They’re very ‘on holiday’ dance, and I’m all about it.

-The Cat Empire

This group is a weird one to define – they make a mix of alt-pop that is really not everyone’s cup of tea I’d say. Check them out if you’re into something different; nothing they produce is ever the same, and could have some trumpets, bongos or even bagpipes in. Who knows with them.

-Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland is an insane Australian DJ who is just hands down talented as hell.


Let me know if you’ve given any of these a go!

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