Why I Think University Is Bullshit

Why I Think University Is Bullshit

I'm in my final semester at University, and my thoughts on it all haven't really changed since I started.

It. Is. Bullshit.

Obviously, I recognise the importance of getting a degree as I'm working my ass off to get that piece of paper, but I also know that's all it really is - a piece of paper. I need it to get a job. That's it. 

I have no problem with education. I love learning, and I think anyone who has the opportunity to learn at any level is doing themselves injustice if they don't take it on. However, University - at least in Australia - is such a waste of time. 

The pressure to get into Uni for one is ridiculous. The amount of stress we put our high-schoolers through to achieve such a high mark for a course is bordering on insanity. And, when we finally get to Uni, we only then find out what we've been working towards. There is barely any support from lecturers and tutors. You are paying thousands of dollars. You will most probably fail a few subjects (especially with referencing! When were we ever taught how to reference? And then we're all of a sudden expected to do it perfectly?!). 

The whole point of Uni is to 'specialise', but what I don't get is why we're forced to do certain subjects outside of our Faculty and School. Honestly, with my Media degree I have done Astronomy courses. Astronomy! In what world should I have to pay for a class like that, that has zero substance for my actual field? Get out. 

One of my biggest concerns about Uni is the actual learning. For my subjects at least, readings are an absolute necessity. The classes place such an enormous emphasis on readings, but when you go out into the real world and intern or work, you realise quickly they have no substance. Literally, none. What kind of colleague would want some up-themself kid telling a senior that the way they do their job doesn't match up to what such and such said in their 1988 reading? Yet, that's what we're taught. 

I love learning. I think the fact that in Australia we don't have to outright pay our Uni fees is amazing. But, the way the Uni system is run right now is a vicious circle of not learning what we really need to learn to get a piece of paper to get experience to get a job. 

In conclusion, ugh. 

Published by Zoe Taylor

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