Gold Festival Full Face Look

Gold Festival Full Face Look

Apr 19, 2017, 8:56:23 PM Life and Styles

Hello my lovelies!


Festival Face


I was basically messing around with glitter yesterday, and somehow came up with something so over-the-top, I'm just going to label it as a festival look. I'm not going to go super in depth on the steps behind the face and eyes, rather an overall explanation of what I did to reach this level of insanity. I hope you all enjoy it!


Festival Eyes


Let's get started:

Eyelids - 

  1. take any neutral toned brown shadow and blend throughout the crease as a transition shade. This will support the intense glitter and help it not look so stark.
  2. Place a darker brown shadow on the outer corners and blend outward. I blended my shadow up toward my brow as well, because this is how I prefer my shadow shape, but anything works.
  3. Take whatever golden glitter, shadow, or pigment you fancy, and pack it all over, melding into the darker shadow. I brought the glitter into my crease to mimic a lazy cut crease, since my hooded eyelids cause glitter shadow to travel up there anyway.
  4. Line the eyelid with a black liquid or gel eyeliner. I initially did a wing, but didn't love how it looked, so kept this down to a thick bar across the lashline. You can do this step any way you want.

Lower Lashline - 

  1. Take any rich, aqua colored eye pencil, and line the waterline and lower lashline from inner to outer corner. Blend out as needed.

Other - 

  1. Generously coat your upper lashes if you plan to go without false lashes, or apply falsies.
  2. Optional, but I decided to coat the lower lashes with a blue mascara, as I wanted them to not take away from the aqua liner. They are still a bit darker, but not as stark as the black mascara. You can go sans lower mascara if you would prefer.

Face Glitter - 

  1. Above the brows, use any glitter product (I prefer liquid) to mimic a second "brow" above your natural one. Above the glitter brow, draw tiny dots to frame it.
  2. Take the same glitter and place glitter freckles all over your face. Since I am clearly not trying to mimic natural freckles, I placed them in a more uniform shape, almost like deer spots. You can use either method, but the real benefit is being able to cover blemishes with glitter.
  3. Draw a line down the philtrum (that dent between your nose and top of your lip), skip the lips, and continue slightly down the chin. You can purse your lips really tightly together in order to get an accurate straight line.
  4. For the lips, I applied an already metallic liquid lipstick, but when would I not need more glitter? I took the same liquid glitter I have been using, placed it on my fourth finger, and blended onto my lips after the lipstick dried down. This is going to feel a little funky on the lips once it is dry, so if you have difficulties with slight texture on your lips, I would suggest skipping this step, or using an actual top coat meant for this purpose.


That's all I have for you guys today. Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe, it really helps me out. Also don't forget to have an awesome hump day, the weekend is coming!

Stay beautiful!


Products Used:

Foundation - Rimmel Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Full Coverage Foundation "091 Light Ivory"

Concealer - Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer "Fair"

Under Eye Setting Powder - Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

All Over Setting Powder - Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation "Fair"

Contour/Bronzer - NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette "Hollow, Sculpt"

Highlight - Smashbox Spotlight Palette - Pearl "Blow a Fuse"

Brows - Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer "Chocolate"

Glitter - Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow "Chem Trail"

Eyeshadow - Morphe 35O Palette

Lips - Milani Amore Metallics Lip Creme "06 Mattely In Love"



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