Simple Nighttime Eye Look Tutorial

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I know, it's not my face, but I have officially started freelancing. At the moment, I am sticking with friends and family, however assuming I'm good enough, I'd love to set up a way for people to contact me for work!

For this particular client, I wanted to give her a somewhat natural eye look with a touch of glam, sticking with a brown palette. This eye look would be ideal for date nights or any other nighttime activity, and very much compliments blue eyes.

Let's get started:


  1. Prime the eyelids and set with a bone colored eyeshadow.
  2. Using a brown shadow slightly darker than your skin color, begin to carve out the crease. Blend this shadow in an upward and diagonal motion toward the outer crease, as this will be our outline for the darker shadow.
  3. With a darker brown shadow, place this on the outer corner. Blend slightly into the outer crease, and wing out any excess. This area should be smokey, so avoid any harsh blending or lines.
  4. For the lid, pack on a shimmery brown or gold color. Be sure to blend the edges of the shadows together during this step especially.
  5. For the lower lashline, take the darkest shadow again and blend on the outer third ONLY. Dragging this shadow in any further will create a much more dramatic look.
  6. Apply an off-white shimmery shadow to the tear ducts for a highlight.
  7. Coat the upper lashes with mascara. Lower lashes are optional in this look.

In general, I would consider this eye look most appropriate for women/men who enjoy a more natural eye, but of course this can be used for anyone!

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Stay beautiful!


Products Used:

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette

Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever Palette

Lancome Hypnose Mascara


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