Always Make Sure You Have a Pair of Windshield Wiper Replacements

Always Make Sure You Have a Pair of Windshield Wiper Replacements

Aug 4, 2020, 8:22:01 AM Business

Are you prepared for the next rain shower or snowstorm? Harsh weather conditions can be hazardous to drive in, particularly if you have worn-out windshield wipers. Whether you’re preparing for a road trip or another week of typical driving, find out why you should always have a pair of windshield wiper replacements handy and what you should do if your check engine light turns on. Shop online to find the right windshield wipers size and price that you need.

How to Find the Correct Windshield Wiper Replacement?

There are many different lengths and types of windshield wipers available. Before you choose the correct replacement, consider the best type of wiper blade for your vehicle. Here are the three main types of wiper blades:

  • Conventional
  • Beam
  • Hybrid

Conventional blades are the most affordable and basic. They should be replaced after six months of use, so it’s important to have an extra pair on hand for hassle-free replacement. These blades use a metal rod and a rubber blade to wipe the surface of your windshield.

Beam blades offer superior cleaning. They use a solid piece of rubber to easily fit the curve around your windshield. Conventional blades can leave scratches on your windshield if the rubber wears down and the metal wiring is exposed, but beam blades will continue to protect your windshield.

Hybrid wipers use a rubber shell around a conventional design to balance the effectiveness of beam blades and the affordability of conventional blades. Choose these if you want a budget-friendly option that still provides long-lasting support.

Once you settle on the type of blade for your driving situation, measure both blades before picking up replacements or shop online and search for windshield wiper replacement blades specifically for your make and model of vehicle.

Why Is My Engine Light On?

An extra pair of windshield wiper blades prepares you for your wiper maintenance, but what about your check engine light? Another common maintenance issue that leaves most drivers worried is a check engine light turning on.

Your check engine light doesn’t always mean there is something wrong with your engine. This general warning is connected to sensors all over your vehicle. Everything from a wide spark plug gap to a loose gas cap can cause this warning light to turn on.

Find out why is my engine light on with a free error code scan. Your local auto parts store offers free OBD-II scanning to pinpoint the component that’s causing this warning light. Once you know the faulty system you can pick up the right replacement part.

Prepare for the next check engine light issue by picking up your own error code scanner. This convenient handheld scanner easily plugs into your vehicle’s electrical system and allows you to read the short phrase and error code number that caused the check engine light to turn on.

Shop online or stop by your local auto parts store today to pick up a new set of wiper blades or to find out the source of your check engine light issue. Maintain your vehicle and continue driving safely with these key maintenance steps.

Published by Zubair Hassan

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