An Overview to 5 Best Lighting Equipments


An Overview to 5 Best Lighting Equipments

May 6, 2020, 9:15:24 AM Tech and Science

Now a day, people seem crazy for making videos and uploading them on social media to share their life and events with friends, family and the world out there. You can make YouTube videos with your smatrphones as well as digital cameras. There are many affordable webcams that produce high quality videos. However, even an excellent camera at hand, you need to focus on other things as well if you want your video to be of high quality. Lighting is one the most important things you should not ignore at any cost. The major difference between a professionally made video and amateur video cheap youtube views is often because of the lighting. Have a look below at recommended lighting equipment for videos;

1. Stellar Ring Light

It is one of the top choices for all vlogging lovers. This lightweight equipment is portable and easy to use. It produces great lighting effects and helps you make clear and smooth video of high quality. The amazing feature is the fluorescent light that keeps it cool even if you record long videos. It will not get heat-up. The adjustable brightness feature of this equipment makes it favorite among YouTube vloggers so that they can adjust the light according to the situation.

2. StudioFX 2400 Watt Softbox

It is one of the most popular lighting equipment most vloggers recommend. It comes with a set of three pieces including two softboxes along with overhead hairlight boom softbox. This unique piece of lighting is multipurpose and it offers 5 individual lights on each unit that can be turn on and off as per the need. So, you can control the lighting according to the location. This kit is excellent for vloggers and youtubers since it offers complete package of continuous lighting and support stands. It is available in the market at comparatively low price from other lighting equipments. The set-up time is also quick that makes it even more demanding.

3. Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Lighting Kit

In the line of best lighting equipment for making YouTube videos, Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Lighting Kit comes third. It is a professional kind of kit with all the necessary lighting features needed to create a wonderful video. It has lot of applications however it is best for recording makeup tutorials and interviews. By properly setting up all the kit together, this tool provides consistent natural light effect. In addition, you'll also need a good PC to be able to edit all the images you take with your new lighting kit.

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4. LimoStudio AGG1089 kit

In addition to the fluorescent lighting kits, LED lighting panel of LimoStudio AGG1089 offers great video making results. It is a wonderful alternative for all vloggers who wish to try this set of lighting kit. For all kinds of applications, this kit offers soft and diffused lights that will make your videos look professional.

5. Fluorescent Ring Light 

Last but not least, Fluorescent Ring Light is suitable for all type of locations indoor or outdoor. It works even better in close-ups and closely recording needs.

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