How Puma is Using Old-School Sneaker Elements in New Ways

How Puma is Using Old-School Sneaker Elements in New Ways

Jul 24, 2020, 10:19:18 AM Life and Styles

Puma shoes recently earned the favor of several well-known professional basketball players. Notable changes are taking place as basketball stars and other celebrities collaborate on designing new puma sneakers. While the shoes' quality and materials remain tried and true, Puma’s new colors and lifestyle now resonate with the athletic, cultural and artistic visions of today’s celebrity sponsors.

An original and classic style now incorporates modern technology

The original Puma basket collection originally came in one style — a classic sleek white leather shoe engineered for a legendary basketball player. Its utility was designed to enhance an athlete's maneuverability, whether on the basketball court or on the pavement.

Today’s Puma shoes feature a rubber outsole that provides grip and traction to cover a wide range of performance and leisure-time needs. The basic model is flexible enough to adapt to active foot movements through the support offered by its powerful rubber grip sole. This feature has attracted the attention of restaurant and service industry workers who want a colorful alternative to otherwise boring non-slip safety wear.

The puma basket collectionof sneaker models has benefitted from a variety of modifications that fulfill the demands of the basketball court, major metropolitan streets, dance floors and rugged hiking trails. The original features continue to exist, but modern upgrades now meet both consumers' and pro athletes’ personalized preferences.

Production advancements accommodate changing demands in sneakers 

Prior to recent advancements in manufacturing technologies, footwear had to complete an often-elaborate production process before landing on store shelves. Old-school Puma basketball shoes were more expensive because of what then represented the resources and costs required for their manufacturing.

When the former production costs translated into higher prices, customers wanted their sneakers to meet certain expectations. Many purchasers preferred that their footwear was specifically designed to help pro athletes train for sporting events and major competitions. Those consumers who were more concerned about style and comfort rather than accomplishing pro-level fitness goals began to look forward to a more reasonably priced shoe.

While some purchasers achieved their pro sports and fitness dreams, others gave up on becoming gold-medal athletes. Many decided that the price of sneakers designed for professional athletes didn’t fit in with their leisure-time footwear needs. These consumers began hoping for less expensive alternatives and Puma rose to the occasion. By setting up specialized production systems, the costs of manufacturing Puma’s sneakers have come down to where they can meet all customers’ preferences and budgets.

Social media changed the reasons for choosing shoes

No longer are social media influencers required to spend several years practicing and honing their athletic ability to gain sponsors. With new branding opportunities presenting themselves, the choice of a shoe style has become a means of artistic expression.

Puma shoes can be seen worn by celebrity design collaborators who make the brand part of their lifestyle. Whether your passion is making music, capturing camera footage or playing sports, the designs and colors in the Puma basket collection will compliment every lifestyle.

Published by Zubair Hassan

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