4 Bad Habits You Should Quit to Stay Focused

In this fast-paced digital world, our days are filled with activities and tasks that destroy our focus and slow down our productivity. 

If truth be told, technology has changed our priorities and turned up the volume and quantity of information and social noise that saturate our lives.

 The recent political situation has drastically influenced employee focus and efficiency level. A study suggests that employees spend 2 hours a day reading an average of 14-21 political posts on social media.

To sharpen our focus, you need to become more intentional in how you utilize your energy and how you spend your time. The ability to focus on your priorities heavily relies on yourself. The daily choices and priorities you make drive your focus or distraction.

Harvard Business Review research suggests that technological distractions and unproductive meetings interrupt focus and attention of employees, resulting in missed deadlines, incomplete projects and less productivity. 

 Here are 4 habits that you should quit today to sharpen your focus and improve your brain health to get more things done. 

1. Dehydration 

If you are not getting enough water, then change this habit now. As dehydration is one of the major causes of poor focus, low energy, fatigue and hormonal imbalance. Human body needs to drink water at least 50-70% of body weight in ounces depending on the climate and activities you perform. So, stay hydrated to keep active and perform your best.

2. Lack of Sleep 

If you are not getting enough sleep, then it’s the right time to drop this habit. Because the ability to focus and recall information is greatly dependent on the quality of sleep. Without getting enough sleep, human brain won’t be able to hold attention for longer periods of time. So, it is highly recommended to get proper sleep to give your brain a proper recovery time to complete more tasks. 

3. Slave to Technology

 A study says that the latest technology and social media channels can cause depression. Creating an online presence on every social media channel is an overwhelming task for many people. Users continuously compare their life to others, even though they intellectually know the fact that such posts only show a one side of a person’s story.

Users measure their likeability with the number of friends, followers and fans, and interaction they get on their posts. They want to stay online 27/7/365, due to this, their relationships badly suffer which will ultimately cause stress in their lives.

 Moreover, social media notifications force users into a constant state of reaction which ultimately leads to destroy the ability to get anything done, lose self-control over their own time and disrupts their brain efficiency to perform at its best.

 So, stay away from social media as much as possible as the negative impact of social media is ruining your health. 

4. Multitasking

 Basically, multitasking divides the brain into as many tasks you are trying to get finished at once. The right and left sides of cortex work together when focused on a single task. However, both sides start to work independently when you try to perform two or more tasks simultaneously which lead to poor performance and decreased efficiency.

 Some studies say that people who spend more hours simultaneously to consume multiple media forms perform below average on tests that assess their ability to move from one task to another.

 To stay productive and increase your efficiency level, you can simply use a productivity management software that streamline all your tasks and allow you to track each task and project so that you can achieve your milestones and succeed at work.

 Closing Thoughts

 Believe it or not, the control over your focus in your hands. However, it’s quite easy to blame lots of things influencing and losing your focus. The fact is, you need to control over the stimulus that comes into your brain and lives. 

If you want to achieve more things in your life, stay more focused and productive, then you need to change your habits. The above mentioned smart ways will help you stop distracting and sharpen your focus.


Published by Zubair Hassan


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