Advanced technology Updates on communication of 2019!!

Advanced technology Updates on communication of 2019!!

May 22, 2019, 2:15:35 PM Tech and Science

To stay updated with the transformations of technology in every field is the need of the hour. The advanced technology update in Tech Blogs the field of communication are much bigger and vivid from your imagination. The whole evolution of communication advancement has a lot to say for. The life has shifted towards an easy pace with the optimization of such changes in our day to day life. What started with a simple idea of communication has evolved to the shifting of the paradigm towards a smart way of living life. Here is the list of major technology updates that are being documented in the year of 2017.

  1. Introduction of 5G: After the successful utility of 4 G, it’s time to get ready for the launch of 5G. It is highly predicted that the presence of 5G will create more probability of making life easy and wireless. It is being assumed that it will be one of the safest entries into the commercial market in
  2. Towards the smart city: Yes, you read it right. The one more reason to thank technology is because of the introduction of smart technology in our lives. The technology has its cool quotient and it acts your perfect technology partner. Be it about the information of the traffic in your upcoming route or the instruction about your safe parking, technology has all for you, customized as per your specific need. The combination of the technology with internet of things has make it easier for such set of practices to be optimized in daily life.
  3. Digital banks: Are you tired of standing in long queues to perform your financial transactions? If yes, then the advancement of technology has another added asset for you. The presence of various financial trading such as Bitcoin has made it much easier for you. Many of us will agree to the fact that since its launch in 2009, the evolution of it as most powerful currency says it’s all. The introduction of such currencies in the market has increased the faith of the common investor as there is less or no involvement of the third party in any of these transactions.
  4. Keeping your secrets: Your phone could be your best secret holder. You can save multiple data in your cloud without any worry. All you have to do is to log in and create your own place where you can store unlimited data, based upon your cloud size. With the technology and advancement, the safety issue is getting bigger and doubtful. The storage of the data in a proper cloud will assure you to get an assurance about the safety of the data. Apart from keeping the data safe, you can also hide the data, if required.
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Intelligence is one of the important components. The introduction of artificial intelligence has been already seen in many of the major engines on digital platform. The combination of AlphaGo and Tensor Flow has major impact on the quotient of artificial intelligence.
  6. Machine Learning. If You Are Not Doing It, People Will Still Shun You at Parties and Now Your Children Will Laugh at You Too.

Moving up to the number one spot for this Tech Blogs of the year. Well it is actually happening now, especially in some network planning functions and radio resource management. Everyone is now trying to use it all the way down to the physical layer. Now that there is some real use, we expect this year will be when it turns and starts rolling back down the hype curve, such is human nature (in fact we expect AI to become disappointed in itself sometime this year and need some counselling). But in the meantime the activity in ML will continue to rise in comms, and the CTN EB will certainly milk it for a few articles. Implementation in the edge of the network might be a big topic for this year. Federated Learning, you heard it here first. Unless of course you already heard it somewhere else…

In the upcoming years, it has been predicted that the fraction of technology will be increased to a higher rate and it will proved to be an added asset for every user.


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