How To Make Your Cell Phone Last Longer

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How To Make Your Cell Phone Last Longer

Jun 19, 2020, 7:49:10 AM Tech and Science

Whether you are someone who likes to change cellphones frequently or someone who prefers to stick to a set for years, taking good care of the assets is mandatory in both cases. In the first scenario, one gets to have a reasonable selling rate for the cell phone while in the other, the cellphone lasts longer and saves one from new investment for long.

Protective phone cover

Often cell phone buyers make a hefty investment on the phone but do not invest enough on the necessary accessories. The phone cover is a lifesaving accessory for the phones, and it is really important to choose a well-designed protective cover for the phone right when you purchase it. Select a cover that will fit your phone type well so that it protects from all the sides. Also, make sure your phone’s screen is also covered with a screen protector to shield the fragile glass screen. Remember that even a slight stroke on the screen can lead you to spend thousands on cell phone screen repair. So, these are the most basic protection accessories that every phone owner should ensure to buy along with the phone set to avoid extra expenses on smartphone repair.

Battery is phone-life

Cellphone batteries are the most demanding part when it comes to taking care as they are the first to get impacted. One of the most common mistakes that people make that damage phone batteries is to charge it constantly. The right way is to charge your battery when it gets low. Moreover, avoid putting your phone on charge for too long and unplug it as soon as it reaches 100%. Here, also ensure that you use the original phone charger. If you must replace your original charger, then try to get a good quality charger that will protect your battery in the best way.

One more thing that mobile users should consider is to ensure that they do not use the phone and/or unplug it immediately if the battery starts heating up. The heating up of the battery can turn out to be considerable damage. Following these small tips will save your battery and help it work perfectly for years.

Repair small faults

Some people give up on their phones the moment they see even a slight error. Most of the damages in phones can be easily repaired at a small cost. Investing a little amount on repair can sometimes go a long way and elongate the life span of the gadgets. Some people ignore small issues in phones and keep using a faulty phone, which leads to the phone shutting down suddenly. The right approach is to get your checked the first time you notice a problem. You can also try to fix your phone by researching the issue on the internet, but if you fail to resolve, reach out to a professional cell phone repair near me or contact the cell phone manufacturer.

Protection from heat and dust

Your cell phone’s look and sustainability are greatly dependent on how clean you keep your phone. Not removing dust from your phone properly will not only make your phone look dirty, but it will also intervene in the phone’s functionality. Dust, for instance, can lessen the smoothness of the screen, dull the shine of the set, effect the air piece and do a lot of more harm. So it important to clean the dust after two to three days, especially if you travel. Similarly, keeping the phone away from heated places is also important as heat can damage the hardware of cell phones. Do not take your phone near the stove, heated hairdryer, and any other thing that may emit heat.

Be mindful of your cellphone data and storage

The storage function of the mobile largely impacts the phone performance in the long run. There should always be some extra storage on the phone to make sure that the phone storage does not get overloaded. Other than that, users should also frequently delete apps that are not in use.

This is all. 

I hope everyone will find it easy to follow these tips and increase the life of their cellphones. Following these small tips will surely pay you back in good sums. After all, your phone deserves good care to the last longer and become a faithful companion of your for a long time. Our smartphones are not merely a device to connect but hold a lot of value in it. We all almost depend on our smartphones to complete our everyday chore so make sure you follow a good care routine for your mobile phone. 

Published by Zubair Hassan

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