The Importance of Market Research

The Importance of Market Research

Apr 14, 2020, 6:18:51 PM Business

What is Market Research?


If you are thinking about starting a business, you need to understand the market you are entering. Who is the competition? Who are your consumers? Is there a demand for your business idea in the market? Market research can be used to answer these questions. But what is market research? Using market research is an integral part in every business whether it be new or old, large or small. Market research is essentially an analysis of a market and customers in order to gain an insight into the potential success of a new product or service by Digital Marketing Training in Delhi.


The use of market research? Start-up businesses and selling new products


The use of market research is a vital component in a business strategy, it looks into market size and competition as well as providing insight into a market’s needs, wants and desires by using forms of primary and secondary research. This is done by looking into the how the market you are entering operates using a method called SWOT analysis. This looks into the market as a whole, focusing on potential competitors and identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and therefore enables you to understand whether your business idea is viable.


Using market research can also be used to look at market trends, this helps you when deciding whether your idea is something which will be popular enough to succeed. Trends are an effective way of looking into the demand of your potential business service, for example if there is a low market trend, this could mean that there is low demand for your business idea.


Depending on the scope of your business plan, the way in how market segmentation is looked at will vary. For a start-up business who will most likely look at local market segments, this can be anything from demographic locations to age groups. A larger, more global business would look at the market segments from different parts of the world in order to gain a full understanding of the target market.


Common mistakes in market research


When conducting market research, it can be common to read your results the way you want to read them and been blind to what the data actually shows. If you are passionate about your idea, you are more likely to drive the idea home if you see any kind of evidence which backs you up. This mistake is often done when receiving the results of your market research but you can avoid it by making sure that you give others the chance to interpret the results, therefore giving you a more balanced objective opinion. Using an investment research service like the one provided by the bitcoin loophole app you can ensure that you avoid these mistakes with their bite-sized, bespoke research reports carried out in real-time.


Effective examples of market research


Don’t underestimate the importance research can have in the process of becoming a successful business, using market research techniques touched upon above can help you spot gaps in the market which you can take advantage of. A key example of this comes from the technology world with Nintendo, they realized there was something new to bring with the use of motion controls and had unprecedented success with the launch of the Wii. Obviously this is an example of a large corporation, but the idea still applies to businesses of all sizes. Effective market research can give you the edge of the market and your competitors.


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