The Truth Behind Cannabis Financing

The rapid inception of the marijuana business and its glowing potential is a thing to be considered. Although cannabis, aka marijuana, is now legally permissible for recreational medicinal use in approximately 33 states, it is still categorized under the same particular class of drugs like that of heroin and weed, which is why this concern has always been an objection raised by many financial institutions.

The chief reason as to why cannabis is considered illegitimate could be on the basis of its previous findings regarding its consumption. Plus, there’s no legal provision or authorization to commercially sell cannabis under the existing law in more than half of the federations.

Even though the marijuana industry is continually emerging still, the inadequate number of financiers willing to cough up money for a marijuana business has made Cannabis Financing a nuisance.

While there’s no denying the fact that the cannabis industry is the current booming sector, but it’s hindrance and obstacles have shaped it 10 X more challenging even for the most basic corporate needs like having access to loans and funding, which are a must to satisfy necessary operational expenses.

Cannabis is typically used to effectually treat chronic illness and have incredibly therapeutic and tranquilizing effects on chronic medical conditions. On the other side, it is said to have substantially higher risks when it comes to selling cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Due to these uncertainties, indulging in any activity to accumulate funds from financial backers can further bring in challenges.




A cannabis business calls for upfront payments that, too, in cash, and most transactions take place are in cash.

Being a cannabis owner, you are more prone to encounter proxy limitations, legal restrictions bank account constraints, which sums it up as one of the most strictly demanding businesses.

These complications arise as cannabis businesses are still not acknowledged legal neither on the federal level nor on a global scale.

As per the act passed regarding the marijuana business funding, banks are more likely to encounter illicit indebtedness for conducting commercial activities with cannabis retailers as the absence of acknowledgment of authorization on the national level.

Therefore, it’s quite clear as to why cannabis business deals are only transacted in cash,

These complications have left the cannabis industry as an unsanctioned niche lurking around in a legal grey area.




The best strategy is to lean towards other financing sources rather than entirely relying on banks for every business transaction.

You can also consider the following financing replacements, comparatively more convenient:


CASHLESS ATM: In the cannabis business, monetary payments are encouraged as they do not involve banks or other likewise functioning financial institutions. A great way to make payments or avail them is through cashless ATM, which gives a voucher or receipt that are feasibly accepted.


Cashless ATM seems more of a realistic solution for cannabis trading.


PAYMENT NETWORKS: This method of payment directly links the credit union with the banks dealing either in cannabis funding or with cannabis financers consequently easing transactions making them more effective.


GIFT CARDS: Conducting transactions through cash is nearly impossible for most of the business. As considerably large transactions are processed. Thus, paying it in cash turns a bit overwhelming.


So the last resort is exchanging gift cards while selling their products. But again, this is not a streamlined fix to make transactions as it escalates the functional costs for a business.




Cannabis Business Loans and Financing is still not federally legit in most of the states. Therefore, all the data provided hereby is merely based on the underlying obstacles most of the fund seekers encounter.

Published by Zubair Hassan


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