Why Do Mobile Apps Need Good App Reviews?

Why Do Mobile Apps Need Good App Reviews?

Jun 18, 2019, 2:32:41 PM Tech and Science

App rating, app store ranking, and mobile app reviews are some of the fields that help app users shortlist the applications that are the best. Basically, these elements are used to set criteria on to help an app user decide whether or not they should install the app on how to get tiktok fans.

According to a recent survey conducted by HubSpot, it was seen that around 75 percent of the total app users consider app rankings as the primary driver of the total number of app downloads. Now, the thing is that businesses know what they want to achieve but don't exactly know how to.

An interesting fact about reviews is that only 1 percent of users tend to leave a review and a majority of them are negative. Now, there is a way of handling negative reviews as you just can't ignore or delete them from your review section. This is because you have to simultaneously manage your application along with your brand image.

At this point, you need to understand the real importance behind app reviews, both negative as well as positive. So let’s take a look at how you can gain good reviews for your service:


1. Make the Review Process Easy

Back in the days, the only way to get your active app users to review your application was by asking them to go to the respective app store i.e. Google Play Store or Apple App Store, find your app, create an account, and then finally fill out a review, which can go both ways i.e. they can leave a good or even a bad review.

All these efforts for a single app review now seem to be useless. Because at present, the developer can simply request a review inside that particular app itself. Now, all the user has to do is tap the number of stars that they think the app deserves inside a pop-up and add a comment if they wish to.


2. Motivate the User To Review

Yes, users do need the motivation to leave a rating or a review! On average, a person has 15 to 20 mobile apps installed on their smartphones and this number doesn’t stay the same for long. Old apps are uninstalled and new apps are downloaded, so how will the user find the motivation to specially review your app and not the others?

It's simple, you make this activity fun for them! This can be done via running a contest, putting up a quiz something of the sort. Here, social media will play a major role. It’s a good way to spread the word on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, if you are organizing an app contest.


3. Pay Close Attention To Timing

There's no denying the fact that review prompts are an excellent way to remind a selected group of app users to leave a rating or a review but at the same time, it is also vital to properly time the prompts.

There are countless Android and iOS apps out there that make the same mistake of asking for ratings and reviews at the time the app is launched for the very first time. This is a rookie mistake and can easily disrupt the entire user experience by encouraging the user to uninstall the app.

A much better approach would be to ask for a rating or a review when the app user has accomplished something from the app or has spent enough time on the application. For example, if the user has filled in all the account details on the app or if a level is cleared in a gaming app, then we can greet the user with a popup requesting to review the app or leave a rating on it.

So these were the points that you need to keep in mind when it comes to improving the reviews on your app store page. Apart from this, you can also seek professional help, i.e. opting for a top-level app review site to get a detailed review of your iOS or Android application.

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