Windows vs Linux - A Conflict Developing Continually Among Users

Windows vs Linux - A Conflict Developing Continually Among Users

May 27, 2019, 2:31:31 PM Tech and Science

Do you pass most of your time sitting in front of the computer screen? Then, there must be a set of habits that you have adopted already on your end. Your Operating System preference is one of the highlighting ones. It clearly defines your intention and preferences. And the debate of Windows vs Linux grows stronger to come up with a conclusive verdict.


Windows OS, Building Trust Since its Initial Days

Currently, Windows has a market share of almost 90%. Most of the PC users prefer Windows OS regardless of their usage needs and capabilities. Windows has successfully maintained its consistency and simplicity with different versions. And that is something that has made us addicted to it.

Many of us just assume that Windows is the only OS that ornaments our devices perfectly. One of the main reason is lesser exposure to other alternatives than Mac OS and Windows. So our cravings didn't get enough hike to come out of the Windows redundancy.

Windows vs Linux - Where Does the Debate Lead to?

Linux is a well-developed open-source operating system. The most significant part is it has been dragging attention since its inception. Similar to other Unix-based systems, Linux (Unix-like) is heavier on some basic principles. Different distributors, like - Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS have made this free platform a zing for its users.

Specialities that Make Linux Unique and Trustworthy

Every distributor has some pros and cons. The best part is it gets highlighted and rectified over time. Upon looking closely on the features, you can realize it's worth and effectiveness:

The hard disk of Linux is lightweight and is used in smart home devices, IoT, and other embedded systems. Android OS is also standing on a Linux base.

Ubuntu encourages entrepreneurs to become more productive. Linux has its multifold offerings and features.  It helps the business users to drive a higher profit.

Apart from these, there are a few reasons why you should move to Ubuntu from Windows. And definitely, you'll come to a positive conclusion that draws an end to your Windows vs Linux debate.


Due to its lightweight feature, Linux offers stiff competition to Windows. After shifting to Linux, a significant enhancement in your computer processing speed.


Linux allows you to contribute code for better user experience. Additionally, any user can add different features for reducing security risks. So having several pairs of eyes watching its activities made it more secure than Windows.

Software Development

Linux lets you install software, configure server and application, and control file system. Therefore, if you're a developer, shifting to Ubuntu can be the best way to run servers. Along with that, Linux can aid you with machine learning modules, compel scripts.

Now we have a competitive analysis between Linux and Windows. Now, its time to compare between the two biggest smartphone platforms Android and iOS. Let's have a quick look at Android vs iOS.

Android vs iOS

Here, we have covered the essential points you need to check before choosing the best one,


Let's face it Apple iPhone is much more expensive than the android devices. If we compare iOS devices the top-rated Android smartphones like Google's Pixel 3 XL or Samsung Galaxy Note series only then the price can match. But the important thing is nothing which can match the variety of Android devices. Android has a wide range of models for all budgets.


If we talk about the design, we have to accept that iOS has a sleeker and user-friendly OS than Android.


If you are concerned about privacy and security, then iOS is a must choice for you. Being an open source platform, Android can't offer the security iOS devices offers.


As said earlier, Android is an open source platform. So there are lots of customization available for Android users. But in the case of iOS, it has its limitations.

Despite carrying enormous quality features, no package comes with perfection. There were some specialties that we can get from Windows. And that might not fall under the Ubuntu priorities. Remember, Linux isn't for everyone so as any other Operating System. So check the essentiality and suitability before you decide on Windows vs Linux. And talking about smartphones both Android and iOS are packed with numerous features. What you should choose totally depends on your need and most importantly the budget.


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