Biometric Time Clock to Control Kronos

Companies invest thousands of dollars on Kronos workforce management tools to manage staff schedules, payroll, and time and attendance data, especially for the organizations or projects where the employees are paid on an hourly basis. They use numerous alternatives for managing these processes like using paper-based register/ log book, expensive time clocks or any computer software. But these tools are full of loopholes and in no way do they establish a sense of accountability. One way of eliminating these loopholes and to ensure accountability is to use a PC based biometric time clock with your Kronos workforce management system. It can help establish accountability within the organization and manage their workforce time data more efficiently; to increase productivity and efficiency of the organization.

With 18 years of industry experience, M2SYS has a dynamic team of software engineers and are happy to introduce a sophisticated and affordable PC based biometric Time Clock named RightPunch. This PC based biometric time clock for Kronos was developed in the M2SYS R&D facility at Silicon Valley which would add amazing features to the Kronos workforce management system.

Biometric Time Clock for Kronos Workforce Solutions

Kronos workforce management systems work fine in most phases, as long as they are fed with accurate data. The accuracy of data depends on two main factors: how the data is captured and proper identification & tracking of the employee. But, due to the lack of having a proper tracking & identification system in place, employees often get involved in time theft and buddy punching. As a result, the system shows that the employees are working more and more extra hours. It reduces not only organization workforce productivity but also its revenue.

To overcome these challenges RightPunch uses the biometric authentication for timestamping. It directly prevents buddy punching and time theft in the workplace identifying the right employee. Indirectly it increases employee accountability and awareness of their responsibilities. This is how our system helps to gain control over the workforce.

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