Can You Monitor Employees In An Ethical Way?

Can You Monitor Employees In An Ethical Way?

Employee monitoring software has proven to be more and more essential for the new normal of the business world. Even as we draw closer to the end of 2020, most people are still working remotely from the comfort of their home. This has significantly contributed to the demand and increased usage of remote employee monitoring software. Yes, employee monitoring software is helpful, as it provides detailed reporting of staff and computer monitoring during work hours as well as web and app usage, but is the process of employee monitoring ethical? The short answer to that is yes, but only if it is done right.

Steps to Avoid Unethical Employee Monitoring

Avoiding unethical employee monitoring processes can be extremely easy and straightforward. First, it is important to always remember that it is unethical to monitor your remote working employees in secret. Monitoring your remote employees without their knowledge and consent is not only unethical but can even be illegal. It is extremely important to always alert your employees and receive consent from all employees who would be monitored, and effectively explain the process of remote employee monitoring to avoid any misunderstanding.

Second, it is crucial that you only conduct remote employee monitoring during work hours and never outside of them. It is never okay to monitor employees after hours or over the weekend when they are not scheduled to work. Recording and monitoring sensitive data stored on your employee’s desktop is extremely unethical and could lead to serious consequences.

Third, never collect any personal data from employee monitoring. The personal data of your employees is in no way related to work and thus should be kept confidential and private. It is important to use employee monitoring software that only takes screenshots during work hours and that allows your employees to pause their work clock when wanting to research any personal information.

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