How to Assure Employee Productivity Through the COVID-19 Outbreak

How to Assure Employee Productivity Through the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 is the global pandemic on a level that we never seen before and most likely did not planned for. Closedown is happening at almost all physical offices around the world and many employees are shifting to remote work. If you have the option to allow your employees to work remotely, then take steps to ensure employee productivity during the COVID-19 outbreak.

While some people increase their productivity in a new environment, others may become less productive. We can assist you to ensure that your remote team is staying productive without a minimal disruption of day-to-day work. Six ways of setting your employees up for success and to remain at the top of their game — all whilst working from home during this uncertain period:

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1. Remind your team to follow regular office hours

This may sound obvious, but it’s important to remind employees who have not previously worked remotely. When an employee thinks about working from home, they may get the perception that it could be done in relaxed clothes like pajamas. Although it sounds good, a relaxed dress code can often mean a relaxed day at work. This can greatly impact the productivity level. Your team should maintain their morning routine just as if they were working from the office. Maintaining a routine will help to keep employees productive while working remotely.

2. Use remote employee monitoring software

CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software works with the core concept of increasing employee productivity and work efficiency while employees are working remotely. As the management can’t check activities from a physical distance, remote employee monitoring software helps management in this matter. It helps to see employees’ job engagement levels. It also shows employees’ productive hours, idle hours, and wasted hours, providing the employer with data about how productive an employee has been. It’s an affordable and effective software.

3. Ensure your employees have a safe setup

Ensure your employees are working in a safe environment when they are working at home. The safety and effectiveness of the workspace have a great impact on the productivity level of an employee. As an employer, you should send a reminder to the team about using a clear desk for work and a comfortable chair fitted to the correct height of the computer. This will help to prevent any physical injury of employees, and they will be more productive at work.

4. Maintain regular virtual contact with co-workers

The pandemic is causing social isolation for people, and it can greatly affect the mental health of employees. Ensure that your employees are virtually connecting regularly to share ideas and information during office hours. This will help employees to understand their contribution to the team and productivity during the COVID-19.

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