Integrated Biometric System in Web Applications: A Secured Approach


Integrated Biometric System in Web Applications: A Secured Approach

In the modern era, web applications form an integral part of the global market share by delivering customized experiences to the end-users. With 4.54 billion active users on the Internet, the business organizations out there can leverage the immense potential of the web apps to enhance the overall user experiences.

Role of Web Applications in the Modern Era

Web applications are known to deliver a wide spectrum of benefits to both businesses as well as users. These are easily accessible via web browsers and can work as effectively as an application installed locally. With web-based applications, you do not need to install or maintain the same.

Moreover, with web applications, the organizations are no longer required to allocate the respective resources towards maintaining them locally. This has accelerated the process of adopting high-end web applications development with advanced features.

The Rise of Web Applications

Computing, in the modern era, is shifting towards mobility. Mobility turns out to be one of the primary requirements of the modern tech-savvy users. As technology advances and connectivity becomes seamless, web-based business applications are becoming increasingly appealing due to:

  • the overall ease of access
  • flexibility
  • a myriad of other potential benefits like scalability

There are several factors that help in making web applications more widespread and appealing to businesses & end-users. Increased internet accessibility, advancements in the latest web development technologies, improved bandwidth, the involvement of leading giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and so more, competitive pricing for subscriptions, and so more -all of these have helped in making web applications popular.

Security for Web Apps

Security is an important factor to consider when we are talking about web applications. This is because web applications are easily accessible -with a simple URL. Unlike applications that are installed locally -information is usually stored & secured with some physical security access control, the web-based applications do not receive this benefit.

With the advent of new, innovative technologies, APIs, and security standards, it is imperative to make use of other advanced security measures, including USB token, biometrics, and so more.

Web Applications & Biometrics

Towards revamping users’ security for web apps, businesses across the world are leveraging the potential offered by biometrics. A reliable biometric authentication software solution for web-based applications can ensure the setting-up process is quite simple & seamless.

Rising Up from the Password Era

Conventionally, we used passwords for protecting accounts of the users on most of the web applications. However, there is no denying the fact that passwords are highly obsolete methods of ensuring user authentication in the modern era. Passwords not only slow down the overall authentication process, but they are also highly prone to be compromised in one way or the other.

The biometric solution is known to offer an ultimate solution to eliminating all inadequacies in a typical password authentication system. The advanced biometric technology leverages the immense behavioural and physiological characteristics of human beings to uniquely identify individuals and improve the overall security system.

The Implementation of a Biometric Authentication Software System

The implementation process of a biometric authentication system on local applications has become a very simple task. This is because most of the operating systems out there provide a native ability to ensure biometric recognition. Still, implementing this feature on web-based applications can be slightly complicated.

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