5 reasons why you need to utilize remote employee monitoring software


5 reasons why you need to utilize remote employee monitoring software

The remote working trend is on the rise. In the last 10 years, the number of remote working people has grown 115 percent. 44% of U.S. employees now have a full-time remote working team according to Buffers’ State of Remote Work report. With such a huge portion of employees working from a remote location, employers need to use remote employee monitoring software to communicate information and ensure their workers are on task. Many businesses have a need to use remote employee monitoring software to monitor employee’s activity and to evaluate their performance by measuring the time taken for each task. Today this software has more potential than ever, considering that 99% of people would choose to work remotely according to Buffer. Remote employee monitoring software contains many benefits that help to track employee activities and maintain desired productivity level, such as:

Accurate Time Keeping

When working from home, an employee may or may not start working on time because there is no one present to monitor the commencement time, which can be a problem for the employer. An employer expects the workforce to give full effort to work during office time so that they meet deadlines and expectations. An employee monitoring system can not only help to monitor when an employee is starting to work or how much time an employee is spending on a task, but it also establishes a sense of accountability.

Activity Tracking

An employees’ job attendance does not carry any value if the employee doesn’t give full attendance to the work at hand. Business performance relies on an employees’ actual contribution, so their attention to the job needs to be at the top level. Remote employee monitoring systems feature the option to track how much time an employee is spending on a particular job or task.

Measure Engagement

The remote employee monitoring software can be set up to send pop-ups periodically to remote employees and the employee is required to click on the pop-up, on time. This ensures that workers are active in their job and should increase performance.

Identity Verification

To ensure that an employee is involved in the task and doing the work themselves, the remote employee monitoring software will capture a photo at the check-in time. This provides a level of safety for both the employee and the employer.

Gather Powerful Insights

An organization often has many employees doing different tasks. Remote employee monitoring software features a customizable insight viewing option where a manager can watch any department’s overall performance as a whole and can see any individual employee’s performance level for further understanding.

This will help the manager to understand the reason behind any department’s poor performance and can push an individual to perform better. This is a great tool to improve the performance of a remote workforce.

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