Scotland Public Service is Introducing Biometric Authentication System

Scotland Public Service is Introducing Biometric Authentication System

Recently the Scottish government has deployed a biometric authentication technology to provide access to a range of public services. This deployment establishes username- and password free identity proofing and user verification for their “My account” feature. My account is a Scottish online public service platform. Using biometric authentication now Scottish citizens can use improved service from “my account” to pay council tax, request parking permits, pay for school meals, according to the announcement.

Implementation of biometric technology in governmental services is not new. Many governments have deployed this technology to enhance their government service. For example, recently the Turkish government has introduced biometric-based national ID cards for their citizens. Using this national ID card now their citizens can access many government facilities. The project took 5 years to implement and capture 12 million biometric data. In 2014, the Supreme Commission of Elections and Referendum (SCER) of Yemen used TrueVoter™ biometric voter registration solution from M2SYS Technology. With the capability of registering and matching fingerprints, finger veins, palm veins, irises, and facial templates, 14 million voters registered under this BVR system for the election. TrueVoter™ helped reduce the number of electoral disputes, supporting the legitimacy of the voting process, and boosted public confidence in Yemen’s democratic institutions.

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