3 Ways Your Business is Benefited from Employee Monitoring Software


3 Ways Your Business is Benefited from Employee Monitoring Software

Remote work has completely changed the format of the traditional office structure and given employees the opportunity to work from their home or other remote locations. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of all U.S. employees more or less worked from home in 2017 and 2018.

Though working at home is giving employees the liberty to complete tasks in their own manner, employers still need to track their activities. Thanks to remote employee monitoring software, it’s now possible to easily do this.

Remote employee monitoring software is changing how businesses work. It’s not only allowing remote workers to be an essential part of the business but also assisting managers to keep track of how employees are performing.


It is hard to measure a worker’s contribution to the firm if the employee is working in a physically distanced place. Even if the employee’s office laptop is turned on, the employee could be elsewhere. Remote employee monitoring software helps to make an employee accountable by tracking their work schedule and task progress.

If the employee knows that their activities are being monitored, then this will increase engagement on the tasks and the employee will be more attentive. This will improve the employee’s performance and will help to create a trusted environment between the employer and the employees.


One of the benefits of having remote workers is the increase in productivity. Buffer’s 2019 State of Remote Work report stated that 22% of remote employees didn’t leave the computer even after work hours. That’s genuinely good news for an organization.

Remote employee monitoring software can help the employee identify output by providing correct reports on each employee’s productivity. This will assist when making decisions about an employee’s promotion.

Evaluate Employee’s Output

Using remote employee monitoring software can help to evaluate the performance of each employee. It provides data on how much time an employee is spending on a particular task and how much progress an employee is making over time. This will help the manager to understand an employee’s work capability and help to decide what projects to allocate to each employee. If an employee’s output doesn’t match the expected level, then the employer can look for an alternate employee who can do it better.

Remote employee monitoring is nothing new and CloudDesk remote employee monitoring software is a great tool. It is effective, inexpensive, and is the best tool available to make employees more productive. Employees will work with better concentration when they know there’s an employee monitoring app installed in their systems.

This will be an advantage for the organization as it will provide transparency in the workforce. With all the advantages that come with remote employee monitoring, it is safe to say that more organizations should implement remote employee monitoring software in the workplace for the betterment of both the employer and the employees.

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