Your OSHA Guidance to COVID-19 Prevention Program

Your OSHA Guidance to COVID-19 Prevention Program

COVID-19 is something that has changed everything and has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives. However, one of the more prominent aspects it has affected is our work. Prior to the pandemic, remote working was a rare practice, and after COVID-19 hit the US (along with the rest of the world), remote work has become the new normal. Many reputed companies have even announced that their employees will be working remotely from now on. COVID-19 has also affected workplace safety, forcing OSHA to adapt to the challenges of the virus. Very recently, OSHA guidance for COVID-19 was introduced in order to reduce and prevent the virus’s spread.

That being said, let’s see some of the elements of the guidance, why it might be challenging to some employers, and how CloudApper Safety can simplify OSHA compliance.

The new OSHA guidance for COVID-19 is more detailed than before

At the end of January 2021, new OSHA guidance for COVID-19 was released that focuses on the biggest concern in recent times – reducing and preventing COVID-19. However, the guidance focuses on preventing it in the workplace. This was a direct response to President Biden’s Executive Order regarding Protecting Worker Health and Safety, and its purpose is to inform non-healthcare industries about COVID-19, how to identify the risk of exposures, and how to decide on the best ways to control spread within the workplace.

The guidance is more detailed than before and is “for planning purposes”. While this means that employers aren’t enforced to use them, it suggests that there will be requirements down the line employers will have to meet regarding COVID-19 prevention and mitigation. Thus, using the guidance now will be beneficial for most employers as it prepares them for what’s to come.

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